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Geography 2.4 by Jane Evans and Cheryl Osborne

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Geography 2.4 3rd edition covers all the skills (thinking, practical and valuing) and key geographic concepts needed to help Year 12 students prepare for Geography Achievement Standard 2.4 (Apply concepts and geographic skills to demonstrate understanding of a given environment), as well as 2.5 (Conduct geographic research, with direction) and 2.7 (Describe aspects of a geographic topic at a global scale). All the skills listed in the 'Teaching and Learning Guidelines' are covered in this edition. This new edition has been revised to align with the New Zealand Curriculum 2007 and the realigned Achievement Standard 2.4. The book has a new assortment of full colour maps, a pull-out answer section, and a wide range of activities that develop the skills and ideas of Geography in a variety of interesting contexts.

Author Jane Evans, Cheryl Osborne
Pages 112
Publisher Pearson Education New Zealand
Year 2011
Edition 3rd
ISBN-10 1442553251
ISBN-13 9781442553255
Format Paperback
Subtitle Apply Concepts and Geographic Skills
Country of Publication New Zealand