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Get to know us

At Marston Moor we are a family owned New Zealand multi-channel specialty retailer of products for the home, school, and office. We stock a wide range of books, stationery, gifts ,and homewares at competitive prices. We are real people working hard to deliver the right product at the right price and in the time you need it. Our success is not only due to the quality of our service; it's down to our attitude, approach, and the way way we treat our customers.


Our founders

Coming from a broad business background, ranging from successful careers in marketing and advertising to dairy farming, founders Anne and Ian Walker saw an opportunity to purchase a local bookshop and further diversify their operation into retail.


Early growth

Retail had been in decline in small rural towns like Kaitaia and Anne and Ian wanted to invest back into their community using marketing skills honed from previously working on major national and international brands. They saw their opportunity purchasing a local bookshop and revitalising it. Many locals felt the new establishment was too good for the town but our team wanted to prove that top urban retail can be successfully delivered locally.  

In the years that followed the retail business grew and the product range diversified into many other aspects of the home and office. As online retail developed so did we giving our customers an online alternative to visiting the store or providing the option of buying at home and picking up at their own convenience. While local customers loved the new online experience we also discovered a growing demand around the country.  Hence today, Marston Moor's online activity remains a significant aspect to the total retail business with products distributed throughout the length and breadth of New Zealand. All from the northern most town in New Zealand, Kaitaia.
As growth continued, along with numerous national retail awards, a second retail brand business was spun off, Folders, concentrating on a wide range of technology, beds, and appliances but thats another story.  
Where does the name Marston Moor come from?
Anne and Ian discovered the name while helping out with a school project and loved it. It had a nice feel and it's history actually epitomised the struggle between independent locally owned rural retail and the big corporate. The name originates from a wild meadow west of York where in 1644 the largest battle of the English civil war was fought and won by the Parlimentarians driving the Royalists out of the north of England. And, here we are again the rural north fighting back against our big city southern corporates and we think we have done pretty well too!
Our vibe
We  pride ourselves on the personal touch to business. Small town retail survives by deliverying great service and that's what we will do for you wherever you are located around the country.  We ARE contactable on the phone and you will talk to a real person that  can give immediate answers and service. So if you have a problem, want something we don't currently have online, or a simple query just call us on Freephone 0800 002 217 or email using the Contact Us page.