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De-stress your desk to help your business

Date: 04-07-2020



Many businesses, including our own, used the lockdown period to re-evaluate what we were doing. Business, over the years, has got harder, and profits squeeze as we all fought to take a share of the limited pie.  Lockdown, while stressful from a financial point of view, gave us all a break to think about what we were doing, how we were doing it, and where we would like to go. 

Sure, there is the big picture stuff. Identifying opportunities, recognising threats and hopefully finding effective solutions. For some, even determining whether there is a future. Maybe should we stop digging the hole before its too late and plan an exit. Crisis can be healthy if we can adopt, adapt, and think outside the square. 

All businesses should do this from time to time but in small business who's got the time! And, thats why we also need to look hard at the small stuff that wastes so much. Like how organised are you? Do you set goals and objectives for the day, the week, and the current month? We all have had the blurb from business guru's and mentors before but it is still one of the first things that goes out the window during the day to day business grind. 

So if you want to keep working on the business. Its time you looked at ways of saving time.


1. Identify the chaos
Have you looked at your desk and thought about cleaning it up and organising things. BUT, there's is always something better to do? It's time to do it. Every time you have to look for something or you have to call someone back because you can't find the information you need your making life hard for yourself. Clean it up, file stuff you need and get rid of what you don't. If you keep things, just in case, the place will soon look like the back of the garage. De-clutter, as it creates visual noise that creates stress just looking at it.


2. Take back control
Sure, if you had a dollar for ever time you have heard this you would be wealthy. Maybe, if you actually do it this time you will be back on the road of wealth creation. Use a daily/monthly planner and make a list of things you need to do today. Even if you use a digital planner its never the same as having a paper one visiable on, or near, your desk rather on some smartphone app in your pocket. It will increase your memory recall, give you a sense of achievement, and frankly get more things done.


3. Create an attractive workplace
The more you love your workplace the more likely you will keep it tidy and effficient. It also makes you feel good when you walk in in the morning. Some offices look like dungeons. Give it a coat of paint in a colour everyone feels good about. Even that cruddy old filing cabinet. 


4. Think smaller
With more people having options to work from home these days does the office need to be that big. Can we have shared work spaces, standing desks. Can we utilise the space for other things that grow the business?


5. What can we do different
Can we automate, eliminate, or do differently to save time and then use the time on more productive areas of the business.


6. Put paper in its place
Buy a decent shredder and get rid of it. Or if you are desparate to keep it - file it. But file it in a filing system that gives ease of access and looks good in the office. Today, when we have so much fraud and identity theft you need to get rid of the paper thats no longer needed. It can be a bit laborious but its important. 


7. Treat yourself
Buy a decent coffee machine. Replace those chipped Mugs in the lunchroom with something fun and colouful. Just bring a little cheeriness to the workplace and become more productive.